Transformation In Agriculture With e-Krishi Kendra

E-Krishi Kendra is a Agriculture Portal which is a unified network for farmers, Agribusiness sector and Agri-Experts to make Digital Indian Agriculture. We give digital infrastructure for implementing of Agriculture portal for Prosperous Indian Agriculture.

The provider of foundation for a online platform of Agriculture’s digital services with strong focus on e-Agriculture, farming ecommerce, e-retailing, e-AgroTrading, e-Marketing, e-Commerce, e-Learning, Agro-Industries, Farm-to-Laboratory, Farm-to-Table. This is expected to this unlock the potential of indian Agriculture and strengthen the functioning of Digital Agriculture.

The Internet and mobile technologies transformed traditional Agriculture in to Digital Agriculture, this transformation is accelerating in profound ways with the use of online Agriculture portal like 'E-Krishi Kendra'. It has e-commerce platform with Agricultural network which Digital technologies and analytics are revolutionize agriculture in fundamental way. portal's Digital Agriculture Service help the Agriculture fulfill it's potential.

‘E-Krishi Kendra’ Portal integrates and processes data from multiple sources in to a single hub. By generating detailed insights in to farm operations, it assist farmers in making data-based decisions to optimize yield and boost revenue while minimizing expenses. including multidisciplinary agronomic services, information to farmers on a variety of issue related to farming, commodity market and goverment's schemes. opportunities to companies for the online retailing of Agri-inputs and Agri-commodities by removal of middlemen. the hub for connecting the farmers to the Agri-Experts with a steady stream of information and services improving farming throughout year which making farm’s operations more efficient.



Proper Services is provide to farmers so that farmers can achieve better yields, higher profits from their farm produce and get information of proper market situation for selling their produce, hence. Improve their farming and make it profitable with best solution.



Opportunities to manage business from anywhere at any place in the world. Connect suppliers and buyers and help them create new business.



Agri-experts will help and share their knowledge and services to farmers and others who associated with Agriculture sector.