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'E-krishi Kendra online Portal' will transforming the Indian Agriculture in digital Agriculture.

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Farmer's connectivity network e-Krishi Kendra online portal will transforming the Indian agriculture in digital agriculture touching the lives of over millions of farmers, clocking a positive growth year to year.

Drip Drip
5 , 7.5 , 8.5 ruppes per metre
Dr. Bacto's COMBO NPK microbial liquid consortia Dr. Bacto's COMBO NPK microbial liquid consortia
Rs. 198/-, Rs.363/-, Rs. 1752/-, Rs. 6501/-, Rs. 13250/-
Dr. Bacto's Bactoriza Dr. Bacto's Bactoriza
Rs. 329/-, Rs.621/-, Rs. 1213/-
Wheat Wheat
રીંગણ રીંગણ
મરચા મરચા
કોબી કોબી
Potatoes Potatoes
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