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Mango malformation: A serious problem in mango orchards.

Problem: Mango Malformation
Area: Northern India
Control Measures:
1. Timely and sufficient application of integrated plant nutrients.

2. Standard training and regular pruning to form well ventilated canopy of the tree with better solar interception.

3. Immediately after appearance of the symptoms prune/remove the affected plant parts (vegetative and floral) along with approximately 20cm healthy potion of twig. Use tree pruner to approach higher branches. Collect and burn the removed biomass. After pruning of affected plant parts spray Carbendazim/Bavistin or Copper Oxychloride or Wettable Sulphur at the rate of 2.5 to 3.0 gram per litre of water on tree canopy. Repeat the spray after 15 days.

4. Spray NAA (Naphthalene Acetic Acid) at the rate of 150 mili gram/mili litre per litre of water in the month of October. Take care about concentration of NAA in commercial formulation. For Ex if concentration is 20 percent then divide the quantity of quantity of NAA needed by 0.20 and use resultant volume of formulation. If concentration of NAA formulation is 20 percent then to supply 150 ml of NAA we have to use 150/0.20 = 750 ml of formulation. 

5. Similarly rate of CoC and Wettable sulphur should also be modified.

Hope this information will help to the farmers growing mango organically.
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