Training Post

Production of marigold for loose flowers

1. Add well decomposed FYM to soil.
2. Make nursery beds of 1mt width and 15 cm high.
3. Drench the soil with 0.2 percent Bavistin or Captan before sowing the seeds.
4. Seed rate 40-50gm/ kanal or 800-1000gm/ hactare.
5. Best time of nursery raising is ending week of April to Second week of May.
6. Transplanting should be done when seedling attains three to four pair of true leaves.
7. Spacing of 45 x 45 cm should be followed
8. Apply 200 kg/ ha. Nitrogen in two split doses. First after 20days after transplanting and second after 45 days.
9. Pinching after 40 days of transplanting to encourage more lateral shoots.
10. The flowers should be harvested early in the morning.
11. Yield in case of variety Pusa Naranga is 200-300 qtls/ha.
12. Store flowers in cool place before packing.